Make a spring flowers vase cover

Make a spring flowers vase cover

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Curious, no flower will resist the pleasure of passing its head out of the vase, through a thousand butterflies posed here and there.


Blue, green, pink colored layers (grape format, 200 g) 1 ruler 1 glass 1 cutter 1 positionable cookie cutter Double-sided adhesive tape In a grape format tracing sheet, you can make several vase covers. The photophores were made in the same way in the falling layers.

Production :

5'Measuring and cutting the layer

Measure the diameter of the glass. Add 2 or 3 centimeters, multiply by PI (3.14) and add 1 centimeter. Round the result. Here, we used glasses of 5 cm in diameter, and made a blue tracing cylinder of 8 cm in diameter, either: (8 x 3.14) + 1 = 25.12 + 1 = 26.12, or 26 centimeters. Cut a layer rectangle whose length is equal to the result obtained (here: 26 centimeters) and the height equal to that desired (here: 25 centimeters).

5'Cutting of patterns

Cut out patterns in all directions with a cookie cutter at the top of the rectangle.

5'Constitution of the cylinder

Place a length of adhesive tape on one of the heights of the layer rectangle, then close the layer to form a cylinder.


Keep the patterns falling from the cookie cutter, you can throw them in the rain on a table for an evening.

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