How to scent your interior?

How to scent your interior?

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Tired of smells of melted or stale cheese in the house? One, we air, two, we perfume! And in the family of home fragrances, a host of methods exist for all profiles and scenarios, some of which turn into real decorative assets. We tell you everything, all you have to do is choose.

Perfume with candles

France loves candles, decorators even more. It is because they smell divinely good, scent the whole house and look after the decoration as a bonus! Small, large, round, square, design, shaped like animals or plants, printed or plain… flowery, fruity, woody, spicy, tangy? It exists in all perfumes and all colors for enrich a decor and perfume an interior. Especially when lit, they offer a cozy note to any room. Slight downside, however, they release VOCs on burning, these volatile organic compounds that can irritate the respiratory system. To limit exposure, we consider candles with vegetable wax, which is less polluting than mineral wax. The price is not the same…

Perfume with interior scent

Yes, there are interior scents! Just like our favorite toilet waters, they are made by big names and vaporize in a room, to get rid of odors or simply give it a good kick… Once the room is properly ventilated, of course. Be careful, all the same, there is perfume and perfume, and as long as spray a product into the air, we avoid the not very clear chemical formulas of the first prices. In this case, it is better to have fun with a candle.

Perfume with a diffuser

In the family of diffusers, there are objects to imbibe, such as ceramic figurines, sticks or pebbles; and real diffusers to plug into an outlet, in which to deposit a liquid or sachets. The must ? The essential oil diffuser, for its often design look and its natural method, the oils being pure, with no hidden ingredients or chemicals, endowed with many additional properties ... provided you remember that essential oils are prohibited during the first five months of pregnancy or before three years.

Perfume your interior with flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers is enough to perfume a room. The catch? It costs its price, and always ends up withering. Unless you can afford fresh flowers regularly or have a particularly generous garden, we think of potpourris ! Dried flowers, spices, bark, or even essential oils: you make a homemade mixture or you buy it already ready, to pour in a beautiful bowl for a fresh fragrance and an additional decorative effect.

Perfume with sachets

Purchased ready-made or in DIY version with dried flowers, the small sachets slip into cupboards, drawers or storage compartments to perfume the interior. The advantage? They are discreet, easy to renew and not expensive if we opt for the house version of our grandmothers, based on dried lavender!

Other methods to scent the interior

* Vacuum cleaner beads or perfumes, or how to kill two birds with one stone and perfume an interior while cleaning it! * The kitchen is the most natural interior scent there is! We avoid the raclette and we perfume the house with a pan of boiling water garnished with cinnamon sticks, cloves, orange peel…

Methods to avoid to scent the interior

* frankincense when burning, it has a marked odor, but it is often criticized for its effects on the respiratory system, due to the VOCs emitted by combustion. * Armenia's paper side, same topo as for incense, since it burns too. Consume with moderation, therefore, and not with children or asthmatics. * Scented sprays exist, but are often singled out for indoor air pollution. They also release VOCs, due to their mode of diffusion often associated with synthetic perfumes.